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Russia's jamming electronic weapons program

Electronic warfare has become a trend, and GPS signal jammer weapon is key
It is well known that Russia's military strength is leading in the world. In order to maintain that lead, Russia has invested a lot of capital in the field of electronic warfare. Of course, as one of Russia's rival, the United States is not far behind.

Militaries the world over regularly practice ‘electronic warfare’, which involves the jamming of everything from radio communications and radar through to satellite signals. But, as with all ‘live fire’ exercises, threat warnings are issued and exclusion spaces declared.

Silok is the latest in a long line of radio-frequency-portable jammer systems that the Russian military has deployed since the Cold War in order to block enemy communications, including the radio links that allow the operators to control drones — and drones to send back video and other intelligence data.

While the Russian army, and the Soviet army before it, long has operated R.F.-jammers, it wasn’t until October 2017 that the Kremlin stood up its first ground-based unit specializing in defeating enemy drones.

The Russians also deployed R.F.-jammers to Syria to protect Moscow’s installations in that country. The new Silok jammer joined the Russian force in Syria in August 2018.

The development of American wifi jammer weapons
US and Norwegian forces regularly use airfields in northern Norway and Finland. In this instance, the jamming was believed to have been coming out of Russian territory as it was engaged in its controversial Zapad 2017 military exercise.

Russia has developed jamming equipment that can distort GPS signals over a wide area. Its R330Zh jammer reportedly disrupted flights some 250km on the Norwegian side of the border with Russia. But its troops are also equipped with handheld GPS signal jammer for sale that can affect receivers out to an 80km radius.

But even with precision electronic warfare, jamming from one place for a long time is generally an invitation for enemy fire, so EW systems need to be mobile. (Even then friendly forces generally don’t hang out too close when enemy artillery is in range). That brings us to the TV part of EWTV, the Tactical Vehicle.

The Pentagon is keenly aware of the risk. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) long-running Communications Under Extreme R.F. Spectrum Conditions initiative and similar programs aim to develop "signal detection and reasoning technology that allows radios to recognize interference and jamming, and adapt to maintain communications — even in the presence of severe and/or adaptive jamming," according to DARPA program manager Joseph Evans.

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